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2021 / 2022 Trial Premiums

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Scent Work Trials Event Type Agility Event Type

Trial Date
Trial Run Totals
Club Name
Open Date
Closing Date
Event Type
January 28, 29, 30, 2022Fri: 177 • Sat: 232 • Sun: 197
Total: 606
Nita-Nee Kennel ClubNov. 10, 2021Jan. 14, 2022DOWNLOAD PREMIUM
March 26, 2022 Trial 1: 62 • Trial 2: 50
Total: 112
Williamsport Dog Training ClubJan. 15, 2022Mar. 12, 2022DOWNLOAD PREMIUM
April 22, 23, 24, 2022SUSQUE-NANGO KENNEL CLUB, INC.Feb. 18, 2022Apr. 8, 2022DOWNLOAD PREMIUM

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* * * NOTICE * * *
Emergency Judge Change
January 28-30, 2022 NNKC Agility Trials

This is to notify all exhibitors entered in the Nita-Nee Kennel Club’s January 28-30, 2022 Agility Trials that we have a change in our Judging Assignment. Mark Upshaw has graciously agreed to step in to replace Don Wittke at this trial. Per AKC rules, all exhibitors who do not want to show under the replacement judge may request to pull their entries for a full refund for this reason.

Request MUST be made in writing to the trial secretary prior to the start of judging. Don Wittke’s courses will be the courses used for the entire weekend. They will simply be judged by Mark Upshaw. We thank everyone for their understanding in this matter.

Respectfully, The Nita-Nee Kennel Club
Dated: 1/22/2022